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Recent Transactions
​• Represented MicroLiter Analytical Supplies, a producer of microplates and vials for chromatography, in its sales to Wheaton Industries.
• Represented Bioprocessing Inc., a manufacturer of tumor marker antigens, in its sale to Bio-Rad Laboratories.
• Represented MicroReactor Technologies, a manufacturer of miniature bioreactors, in its sale to Pall Corporation.  
• Represented PML Microbiologicals, a leading producer of prepared culture media, in its sale to bioMérieux. 
• Represented Reference Diagnostics Inc. in the sale of its iron testing reagents business to Thermo Fisher Scientific. 
• Represented Cortex Biochem in the sale of its nucleic acid isolation business to Promega Corporation.
• Represented Cortex Biochem in the sale of its immunoreagents business to Trinity Biotech.
• Represented Harvard Bioscience in the sale of its Maia Scientific subsidiary to Digilabs. Maia produces digital imaging instrument s in the sale of its Maia Scientific subsidiary to Digilabs. Maia produces digital imaging instrument systems used in drug discovery.  
• Represented Medical Positioning in its sale to Johns Creek Partners, a private equity group. Medical Positioning produces patented diagnostic imaging tables used in cardiology, radiology and mammography.
• Represented CSP Technologies in raising private equity. CSP produces patented desiccating containers used to package diabetes test strips and other pharmaceutical products.
• Provided a Fairness Opinion to Copan International regarding the sale of its Copan Milk Test business to DSM.
• Represented Precision Lab Products, a producer of printed microscope slides, in its sale to Fisher Scientific.
• Represented Duke Scientific, a manufacturer of microparticle size standards, in its sale to Fisher Scientific.


Apogent Transactions
Between 1995, when Apogent began its deal program, and 2004, we completed between 5-15 transactions annually, at an annual cost ranging from $50 million to $250 million. In that nine year time period Apogent invested approximately $1.4 billion in acquisitions. Apogent’s stock price increased from about $3 a share (adjusting for splits) in 1995 to about $32 before it was sold to Fisher, an increase that was fueled largely by the success of its acquisition program. Through the work I did for Apogent, I have gotten to know many people in the life sciences and laboratory products industries and their companies. I have a good understanding of industry acquisition pricing and seller expectations having assisted in over 60 acquisitions. I believe I have a unique skill set that can be very beneficial to other companies in the industry.

Diagnostics and Microbiology
Alexon Biomedical, a producer of diagnostic tests for intestinal diseases.
Drug Screening Systems, a manufacturer of on-site drug testing products.
Carr-Scarborough, a manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic microbiology products.
Clinical Standards Labs, a manufacturer of diagnostic microbiology products.
Richard-Allan, the leading producer of histology stains.
Secure Medical, a manufacturer of histology supplies.
New England Reagent Laboratories, a manufacturer of laboratory standards and controls.
Casco Standards, a manufacturer of laboratory standards and controls.
Diagnostic Reagents, a manufacturer of reagents for drugs of abuse testing.
Criterion Scientific, a manufacturer of histology stains and glucose tolerance beverages.
Custom Laboratories, a manufacturer of glucose tolerance beverages.
DiMed, a manufacturer of diagnostic microbiology products.
Seradyn, a manufacturer of infectious disease diagnostic reagents and test kits.
Stevens Scientific, a leading producer of histology products and chemicals.
Trend Scientific, a manufacturer of histology and microbiology products.
Integrated Separation Systems, a manufacturer of specialty electrophoresis gels.
Applied Biotech, a manufacturer of rapid tests for pregnancy and drugs of abuse.
MicroBio, a manufacturer of diagnostic microbiology products.
HistoScreen, a line of cassettes for handling small tissue specimens.
Lab Vision, a manufacturer of immunohistochemistry equipment and reagents.
CTI, a manufacturer of calibrators and controls for immunology and clinical chemistry.
Murex, a manufacturer of bacteriology products.
Axis-Shields, a manufacturer of bacteriology products.
Forefront Technologies, a manufacturer of rapid test kits for drugs of abuse.
NeoMarkers, a producer of antibodies and specialty markers.

Labware and Life Science 
National Scientific, a manufacturer of laboratory chromatography supplies.
Summit Biotechnology, a producer of Fetal Bovine Serum.
InVitro Scientific, a manufacturer of roller bottles and packaging containers.
Intersep, a manufacturer of ultra filtration products.
Scientific Resources, a producer and distributor of chromatography supplies.
Molecular BioProducts, a manufacturer of pipette tips and other liquid handling products
Matrix Technologies, a manufacturer of liquid handling products used by laboratories.
Robbins Scientific, a manufacturer of biomedical products used in HTS. 
GeneVac, a manufacturer of high speed evaporators used in drug discovery.
BioRobotics, a manufacturer of microarraying equipment.
Abgene, a manufacturer of reagents and plastic consumables for life sciences.
Chromocol, a manufacturer of chromatography vials.
Marsh BioProducts, a distributor of Life Sciences products.
Porex, a manufacturer of pipettte tips.

Laboratory Equipment
Electrothermal Engineering, a manufacturer of heating mantles and controls.
Lab-Line Instruments, a manufacturer of laboratory shakers, incubators and freezers.
Laboratory Devices, a manufacturer of melting point apparatus.
Stem, a manufacturer of heating, cooling, stirring and shaking equipment for labs.

Clinical and Industrial Technologies
EverReady Thermometer, a manufacturer of precision glass thermometers.
Owl Scientific, a maker of electrophoresis products.
Gold Seal Products, a line of microscope slide products.
Naugatuck Glass, the leading U.S. manufacturer of cosmetics mirrors.
Precision Glassworks, a manufacturer of cosmetic mirrors.
D&W, a manufacturer of cosmetics mirrors.
Chase Scientific, a producer of microscope slides and laboratory tubing products.
Cel-Line Associates, a manufacturer of printed microscope slides.
Sci-Can, a Canadian producer of glass tubing and other clinical laboratory products.
Marks Polarized a manufacturer of polarized optical coatings.
Scherf Prazision, a manufacturer of volumetric glassware, tubes, and vials.
Samco, a manufacturer of transfer pipettes and specimen containers.
Radscher & Betzold, a manufacturer of hydrometers and thermometers.
Stahmer & Weston, a manufacturer of laboratory hand care products.
Systems Sales Associates, a supplier of disposable plastic labware products.
Microm Laborgerate, a leading manufacturer of histology laboratory instrumentation.
VPT, a manufacturer of thin film deposition chambers.
Kimble Glass, a product line of disposable culture tubes.
Daniel Mirror, a manufacturer of mirrors.
Capitol Vial, a producer of specialty plastic vials and drug testing kits.

Prior Experience (1978-1995)
From 1978-1987, I worked at Kidder, Peabody & Co. where I was principally involved in mergers and acquisitions and capital raising for middle market companies. I completed approximately 25 acquisitions valued at over $3.0 billion, ranging in size from $5.0 million to $1.0 billion, and raised over $5.0 billion in debt financing and $1.0 billion in equity financing. 

From 1987-1995, before my activities became dominated by Apogent and after I had left Kidder, Peabody, I completed a variety of financings, acquisitions and leveraged buyouts for a wide range of clients. The transactions I handled during this period totaled about $450 million in value.